Tips for writing a CV

A well-written curriculum vitae, also known as a CV or resume, is more than just a list of past experiences and qualifications. A CV that catches the eye of a prospective employer will highlight your relevant skills, competencies and knowledge and will emphasise why you are the best candidate for the position.

Before making a start on your CV, make sure you review the job listing and pay careful attention to the requirements of the role. Match your employment history and personal attributes with the role’s responsibilities, required qualifications, preferred work experience and valued skills, and leave out anything irrelevant. Identify keywords and use them to build an engaging and impressive CV.

To make your CV stand out quickly, detail key information first. Lead with your primary credentials and achievements, such as accreditations, certifications, tickets, licences and skills. If relevant, briefly mention any equipment you can operate or computer programs you have experience with. Don’t underestimate the value of work experience or volunteer work, as they offer insight into your practical skills and knowledge.

Including information about your personality may help potential employers determine whether you would be an asset to the organisation and whether you could work well in a team environment. Some examples of sought-after personal traits include honesty, accountability and diligence.

Before submitting your application, check over the finer details. Make sure your CV is concise and correctly formatted, that it includes your current contact details and that you have followed any specific instructions that were given.

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