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Jadeclover is a full-service resourcing and recruitment agency delivering rapid and consistent mobilisation solutions to the oil and gas, energy and construction sectors. Our global reach and in-industry experience are indisputable, so when you choose to partner with Jadeclover, you get to benefit from a team of vastly connected, accountable and knowledgeable people taking a seat at your talent table.



At Jadeclover, we understand the varying business needs of our clients and just how challenging it can be to find, manage and build a contractor network when it comes to contract hiring posts.

Our global team of recruiters are able to leverage their expertise to extend to contract hiring solutions to ensure the best contract candidates are found for any project.

We ensure that only the most suitable candidates are shortlisted and presented based on skill set, readiness and experience, so you don’t waste any time interviewing unsuitable candidates.

With access to a pool of site-ready candidates from across the world, our team is able to mobilise both local and global talent based on your project requirements, helping you source the best talent, faster.

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Finding well-suited and high-performing permanent staff in any industry can be challenging, and it certainly pays to have expert recruiters on hand to help you find the best fit for any role within your business. Finding the right candidates for permanent roles not only requires knowledge and negotiation but also a great understanding of the relevant industry and access to a large pool of potential talent.

At Jadeclover, we pride ourselves on sourcing, selecting and shortlisting the right candidates for any role within the oil and gas, energy and construction sectors. We will work alongside you to fully understand the role and your business, so you can rest assured that the right candidate is just around the corner.

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We provide managed payroll services to businesses across the energy and construction sectors. Whether it’s your permanent or contract team, it is critical that they are paid reliably and accurately. This is why we offer comprehensive payroll services at Jadeclover, ensuring that your team is paid accurately and on time.

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Our integrated crew management services allow you to focus on the bigger projects while we take care of the human resources and logistics functions required at your business.

We provide completely integrated systems that handle complex logistics and end-to-end personnel management with quick turnaround times, cutting your expenses and improving operational effectiveness.

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As part of our comprehensive services at Jadeclover, we are able to expertly manage the travel and logistics of successful recruits. From introductory services and local accommodations to flight bookings and the general well-being of travelling staff, we have it covered.

Based on your individual needs, we will be able to manage all of your travel and logistical requirements at the best fares with a team of trusted local and international companies you can trust.

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Being a global provider of people for project success across a multitude of industries and regions, we pride ourselves on the diverse background of our team.

We know the importance of hiring with diversity in mind to increase perspective, cultural awareness and quality of human collaboration. A partnership with Jadeclover means an investment in the future of people, culture and the environment.


Services Jadeclover offers for employers

Our recruitment services are comprehensive from the time we partner with you until your new recruit is happily onboarded.

We work alongside our clients to build a comprehensive understanding of the role before we tap into our global talent pool and start the search for the right candidate.

We offer a full-service recruitment journey including:

  • Building a comprehensive and detailed job brief
  • Creating compelling ad copy
  • Talent search
  • Talent screening
  • Shortlisting, interviewing, testing and verification
  • Completion of full reference checks
  • Offer delivery and negotiations

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