Field Deployment Lead

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The Field Deployment Lead (FDL) is responsible to coach and support the rigsite crew on DrillOps Automate, Orchestrate or Advisory services at rig during the Hypercare deployment phase. The FDL is the primary point of contact for DrillOps at the field and he/she will ensure a successful Hypercare and customer transition to the SaaS (Software as a Service) operating model. Managing the field engagement, rig crew change of mind and field communications with the DrillOps. Support center for system troubleshooting is fundamental.


•    Manage DrillOps hardware installation (CODA, IDD, Connectivity).
•    Setup users, roles and related workstations (if applicable) to DrillOps.
•    Provide onsite training and coaching to the Rigsite crew on DrillOps.
•    Maximize % Utilization of DrillOps Automate, Orchestrate and Advise by engaging the crew.
•    Assist in any DrillOps hardware, software or process troubleshooting. 
•    Input software issues or enhancements in the dedicated systems for sustaining. 
•    Manages the IT infrastructure and Software updates at the rigsite.
DrillOps Drilling:
•    Work closely with WE, DD/MWD, Driller and Client to design automation settings.
•    Well: Input the plan via DrillPlan DDP or Manually. 
•    Section & Runs: Pre-configure Automate segments & parameters for each run & formation.
•    Interact with Driller to align the RCS settings to best work with DrillOps automation.
•    Optimize DrillOps Automate constraints while drilling to achieved agreed Drilling KPI.

Experience & Exposures: 

•    5-7 years of relevant experience.
•    Drilling rig environment & Drilling operations.
•    Client interaction and coaching skills.
•    Computer & IT skills: receptive to new software technology and hands-on oriented.
•    Troubleshooting and communication skills.
•    Good interacting, coaching and influencing field crews.
•    MWD acquisition skills.

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Job Title:  Field Deployment Lead

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