With decades of experience in providing technical and engineering candidates across the global energy and construction sectors, Jadeclover is the premier staffing provider to businesses worldwide. With a mission to source and place the best in the industry, our specialised recruiters know their industries and have access to a vast network of local and international talent.

Allow us to handle the complexities of recruiting your next highly-skilled resource by partnering with us and our in-house team of oil and gas, energy, marine and construction experts with decades of experience in mobilising major projects.



At Jadeclover, we understand the varying business needs of our clients and just how challenging it can be to find, manage and build a contractor network when it comes to contract hiring posts. Our global team of recruiters are able to leverage their expertise to extend to contract hiring solutions to ensure the best contract candidates are found for any project.

We ensure that only the most suitable candidates are shortlisted and presented based on skill set, readiness and experience, so you don’t waste any time interviewing unsuitable candidates.

With access to a pool of site-ready candidates from across the world, our team is able to mobilise both local and global talent based on your project requirements, helping you source the best talent, faster.

To find out how Jadeclover can support your staffing needs, get in touch with our team today.


Finding well-suited and high-performing permanent staff in any industry can be challenging, and it certainly pays to have expert recruiters on hand to help you find the best fit for any role within your business. Finding the right candidates for permanent roles not only requires knowledge and negotiation but also a great understanding of the relevant industry and access to a large pool of potential talent.

At Jadeclover, we pride ourselves on sourcing, selecting and shortlisting the right candidates for any role within the oil and gas, energy and construction sectors. We will work alongside you to fully understand the role and your business, so you can rest assured that the right candidate is just around the corner.

To find out how Jadeclover can support your staffing needs, get in touch with our team today.



As a full-service resourcing agency across so many industries, we understand that, now more than ever, our environmental and social impact is imperative to a sustainable project and business.

A partnership with Jadeclover means a partnership with a team that values environmental, social and governmental impacts and sustainability at the forefront of what we do. In turn, you can trust that your business is partnering with an ethical and considerate entity so that your own environmental initiatives are maintained and upheld at every stage of the project.

To find out how Jadeclover can support your staffing needs sustainably and considerately, get in touch with our team today.

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