Resume Writing Services

Resume writing services

The resume is the first and often the only opportunity for you to make an impression on prospective employers in your job application process. How do you ensure you present yourself in the best light and at the same time highlight all the key attributes you have? How do you make your resume talk to the prospective employers? How do you differentiate yourself from the competing candidates? Let our experienced consultants guide you thru the key steps in writing a good resume.


  • You have to forward us a copy of your cv for our review and give us a job position/ role which you would like to apply for. The job description of the position must be provided.
  • We will interview you in a casual setting to understand your key traits, strengths and weaknesses. This interview will be conducted over the phone
  • We will advise on improvements and changes to make to your resume specific to the job position/ role you would like to apply for.
  • You draft the revised resume and forward it to us for final editing

Cost : S$150 / per resume / job role

The whole process will take approximately 5 working days. Contact us now

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