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Eleanor Bierdrager

Managing Consultant

Oil & Gas | Civil & Marine Infrastructure | Building & Construction | Lifestyle & Entertainment

EA Personnel Reg No.: R1325088


Eleanor joined Jade Clover in Aug 2012 as a Recruitment Consultant with a strong background in customer service, sales, marketing and hospitality. Eleanor likes being able to help people get a better future, financial status, and stability, and develop their career paths in her current role.

Eleanor views candidates as clients. She particularly enjoys counseling fresh graduates and offering advice about career directions. Eleanor relishes the challenge of filling a difficult position and marketing Jade Clover. Her goal is to see a client decide to use Jade Clover exclusively. Eleanor is an extremely fast and dedicated worker and specializes in positions within the shipyards and EPC scope.

Eleanor makes it a point to try to respond to all applicants as she understands how discouraging it could be to not receive a response when one's work experience may not be completely relevant to the position applied for. She believes in being honest to candidates about the realities of the industry and expected pay. Eleanor has been complimented numerous time by previous candidates for her dedication and determination to achieve the best for her clients.

A Singaporean from birth, Eleanor was raised in Thailand and has lived in Japan, the Netherlands and the UK. She is fluent in English, Thai, Dutch and speaks a little Japanese and French. She has been able to support projects at multiple location due to her diverse background and language fluency.