Pre-Assembly Yard Manager

05 Oct 2009 | Australia
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Employment type:
Job type:
16-20 Years
Industrial > Minerals & Mining
Job description:


Reporting to the Modularization Manager, the Pre-Assembly Yard Manager is accountable for the overall execution of fabrication, pre-assembly and load out of all works in the designated facility.

The incumbent will work as a Project representative in the designated facility and will focus and steer a small team up to 30 personnel to assist the designated facility to achieve project milestones for the delivery of Fabricated Components and Bulk Items, 2 Dimensional Pre-Assemblies and 3 Dimensional Pre-Assemblies to defined HSE, quality and cost requirements.  While the role will in general be autonomous to the general project office, integration with Integrated Project Team (comprising of personnel from 3 different business entities) will be required for engineering, procurement, logistics and overall planning and scheduling purposes.

The role requires a comprehensive understanding of Modular and Pre-Assembly project delivery methodologies and the associated safety, quality, commercial, procurement, engineering, fabrication, assembly and load out logistics considerations associated with a Chinese based facility.



The Pre-Assembly Yard Manager is the Project’s representative in the Pre-Assembly facility located on the east coast of China. The incumbent is responsible for providing managerial guidance and support to the contracted facility to achieve the delivery of the facilities work scope in accordance with contractually agreed OHS, Quality, Schedule and Cost milestones. The designated facility will undertake multi disciplined activities in the general areas of structural, mechanical, piping and low complexity electrics and instrumentation.

In specific instances and circumstances where the contracted facility is deficient in the delivery of agreed production outputs or levels of OHS and quality, the incumbent will be required to provide management firmer direction and solutions to achieve contractually agreed schedule, OHS and quality targets. In general, the incumbent will not direct the facilities personnel or direct the facility with work flow execution or methodology other than through specific reference to engineering and quality specifications and the programmed sequence of deliverable items via the overall project schedule.

The incumbent will be responsible through the direction and management of a small owners team (up to 30 personnel) to guide the facility management and resources on the required safety, engineering and quality specifications, procurement and owner supplied materials issues, integrate the facilities schedule into the overall schedule and ensure that associated logistics and shipping consideration are implemented and communicated to the Project Team.


  1. Support, assist or direct the designated facility management and resources as required to achieve or exceed the contractually agreed requirements for OHS and Quality;
  2. Support, assist or direct as required the designated facility management and resources as required to meet the contractually agreed delivery schedule milestones for Fabricated Components and Bulk Items, 2 Dimensional Pre-Assemblies and 3 Dimensional Pre-Assemblies
  3. Develop and manage the owners representative Pre-Assembly Yard team to ensure that OHS, Quality, Schedule, Cost, Technical and Contractually agreed parameters associated with the designated facilities performance for the delivery of Fabricated Components and Bulk Items, 2 Dimensional Pre-Assemblies and 3 Dimensional Pre-Assemblies are achieved;
  4. Specifically monitor and regularly report on the metrics for progress commercially agreed with the designated facility and communicate this data to the project team;
  5. Provide the designated facility with an open communication link with the Project Team in the areas of, commercial, procurement, engineering, logistics and planning such that the maximum opportunity for mutual integration is developed and maintained between the designated facility and the Project Team;
  6. Via direct communication with the Project Team management identify circumstances and situations in which the designated facilities ability to deliver commercially agreed milestone targets will be deficient due to lack of Project designated supplied items such as engineering data, materials or logistics and shipping support and identify work around and contingency planning to minimize overall disruption to the project;


The incumbent will have the following authorities
  • Stop and correct any unsafe work practice associated with the Project work scope in the designated facility;
  • Approve milestone progress claims of the designated facility based on witnessed metrics;
  • Adjust work sequence in the designated facility to accommodate the overall Project schedule;
  • Assign staff as per the agreed staff plan for the owners representative team in the designated facility;
  • Release or dismiss any Project Team personnel in the designated facility in situations of safety breaches or specific lack of agreed performance targets.
Job requirements:

The position requires an individual with strong project management background of at least 10 years with specific fabrication, pre-assembly and load out experience. This experience should be supplemented with tertiary education and founded on extensive project based experience.

Experience in international projects and the associated commercial and contract administrative requirements are fundamental to the role. Experience with Chinese fabricator is preferred but not essential. The position requires a thorough understanding of Module and Pre-Assembly project delivery methodologies. Including engineering, procurement, fabrication, assembly and load out work flows and systems. A solid understanding of the safety and quality requirements of a Modular and Pre-Assembly delivery methodology is also essential for the role.

Extensive experience in the capacity of owners representative at a similar management level is essential. Experience in the leadership and guidance of a small owners team ( up to 30 personnel) is essential. The incumbent must be able to maintain the correct balance of input and guidance to the contracted facility resources without introducing disruption into the work flow that can lead to contractual situations. The incumbent must have a strong experience in the area of change management to ensure the facility resources focus on schedule and delivery milestones without diversion to variation and change order generation.

The incumbent must have experience in definitive decision making and independent management to ensure project cost and schedule milestones are achieved.

Core competencies for the roles are as follows:

  • 10 Years Project Management experience with the associated North American focus on safety and quality;
  • Extensive commercial and contracts understanding and experience;
  • Construction and Technical background and strong knowledge of fabrication, assembly and load out in a facility managed environment;
  • Solid experience in overall planning and subsequent schedule and sequence development for Module and Pre-Assembly project delivery;
  • Procurement and expediting systems understanding;
  • Experience in the development of engineering through the IFR, IFC and final detailed shop drawing development;
  • Technical knowledge of fabrication methodology associated with structural, piping, mechanical and low complexity electric and instrumentation;
  • Exposure to logistics requirements for oversize cargo including land transportation, lifting and shipping;
  • Ability to focus and steer a small owners management representative team (up to 30 personnel) to integrate into the facility to guide and support the facility to meet overall project milestones.
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