Materials / Shipping Expeditor

05 Oct 2009 | Australia
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Employment type:
Job type:
5-10 Years
Industrial > Minerals & Mining
Job description:
  • Demonstrate high level of commitment to Environment, Health and Safety (EHS).
  • Contribute significantly to team safety by applying safe work practices, effectively supervising and being proactive in the elimination of injuries in the workplace.
  • Reporting to Pre Cast Concrete Yard Manager
  • Overall responsible for Logistics – Materials/Shipping at the pre-cast concrete yard for the project.
  • Provide progress information and prepare daily/weekly/monthly reports for incorporation into project reports.


Logistics for the Pre Cast Concrete Yard


  • Planning and scheduling: ensure that the contractor understands and is working in accordance with project priorities.
  • Co-ordinate and communicate with Shipping/Logistics/Freight Forwarding teams and the contractor to ensure all logistics-materials/shipping operations run smoothly. (e.g. shipping schedule, loadout date and location, lifting sequence of cargo)
  • Ensure all engineering/shipping documentation required is prepared by the contractor ready and available for signoff.
  • Ensure materials delivery are well managed to meet the requirements of pre cast contractor/project schedule. Confirm any materials that the contractor may need to purchase which will incur additional cost.
  • Provide forecast the delivery of materials (from HO procurement/expediting team) to the pre cast yard.


Interface, communication

  • Interface and ensure that good communication is maintained with all parties, pre cast yard, precast contractor, site, logistics/expediting/procurement, and freight forwarding contractor etc.
  • Liaising with the contractor to ensure timely procurement/shipping/logistics matters.
Job requirements:
- Demonstrate high level of commitment to safety. - Degree or Trade qualification. - Good knowledge and communication skills. - Experience in construction/mining/oil&gas projects/shipping - Self motivated, enthusiastic, adaptable, to ongoing changes within the workplace. - Demonstrate ability to work autonomously and systematically. - Proven field experience - Experience working in Pre Cast Concrete - Experience and adaptable to remote working locations - willing to accept assignments on a rotational basis
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