Geotechnical Engineer

05 Oct 2009 | Australia
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Employment type:
Job type:
7-10 Years
Infrastructure > Engineering, Procurement & Construction
Job description:
Generally accountable for definition and control of geotechnical parameters for piling and foundations for major heavy structures
  • Provide technical advices on geotechnical conditions for the construction of structures
  • Provide definition of soil treatment type for foundations of structures
  • Provide control and approval of soil preparation works for the construction of structures

Specific Accountabilities

  1. Acknowledgement of Project soil survey report.
  2. Be on the premises when piling work is taking place
  3. Review and approval of piling work log
  4. Excavated bottom check-up for all foundations excavations.
  5. Soil treatment definition for foundation beds.
  6. Inspection of earthworks and foundation preparation, including but not limited to :
    • existing or used materials quality
    • compaction supervision
    • test reports review
    • bank and embankments stability check-up (size and backfill)
    • soils erosion control
    • armouring bed and paving check-up.
  7. Control and approval of soil preparation works and foundation beds compliance
  8. Provide all required geotechnical data (bearing capacity…)
  9. Construction geotechnical reports preparation and issue (piling logs)
  10. Request all required complementary geotechnical study
  11. Issue required Site Design Modification including required calculations.
  12. Issues recommendations to ensure a better performance, safely and with minimum costs
  13. Answers all Requests For Information issued by the contractors and construction supervisors
  14. Definition and approval of filling sand, concrete agglomerates, protective rockfills, coating agglomerates and asphalt testing.
  15. Interfaces with the Site Geotechnical Engineer who contributes to the Project’s soil studies.


Main permanent relationships :

  • Field Engineer for common & utilities
  • Site Geotechnical Engineer (awareness of the project’s soil study)
  • Quality Control manager (QC)
  • Testing and control lab
  • Contractor’s Field Superintendent

Occasional secondary relationships:

  • Technical Manager
  • Construction Supervisors
Job requirements:
- Excellent experience in preparation and review of Soil analysis reports / soil study skills - Significant experience in geotechnical skills for the construction of major heavy structures - Prior experience working on similar major projects
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